What color is the dress in the picture above? The dilemma that drove the web crazy a couple of years ago is enriched with a new, curious explanation. When this shot became viral, some perceived the lines of the dress as blue and black, others as white and gold (except for some intermediate "schools of thought").

In fact, the dress was blue and black, but the overexposed photo led to different interpretations of the lighting of the dress, and therefore to different conclusions on the color.

Image Our perception of color depends on light. | Photo via The New York Times

What time do you wake up? For Pascal Wallisch, a neuroscientist at New York University, the different vision of the fabric is also linked to the circadian rhythms of each.

The "owls", that is, those who stay up late and therefore consume large amounts of electric light, are more likely to imagine the suit as artificially lit: for these people the dress tends to be blue and black, as a survey reveals that the researcher carried out online about 13 thousand users, to whom he also asked when they usually went to sleep.

Are you early riser or night owl? Owl or lark?

Gold like the sun. The "larks", that is the early risers, those who wake up early and go to bed when it gets dark, tend to imagine the dress as lit by natural light, and momentarily in shadow in the instant of the photo. For these people the dress is, in most cases, white and gold. Those who do not see it in either of the two ways, or change their opinion every other day, are neither strictly owl nor lark. If you have had many hours of artificial light, you could see it in one way, after sunbathing in another.