It survived over 2 thousand years of neglect and bad weather to collapse miserably under the bulldozers of a construction company: a Mayan pyramid erected in Belize 2300 years ago was accidentally knocked down by a local company engaged in the renovation of some roads .

The building, which served as a place of worship for the archaeological complex of Noh Mul ("great hill" for the Mayans) was demolished by workers who were looking for new gravel to fill the pavement. Only the central core of the pyramid remained standing, as evidenced by these photos taken by a local reporter.

Shakespeare's Richard III buried under a parking lot: news and photos

Archaeologists were warned of the enormous damage only last week. And apparently it is not the first episode of this kind in the country, rich in priceless historical heritage that ends up sacrificed to the construction of traffic arteries. "It is incredible that someone had the guts to destroy this building, " said Belizean Institute of Archeology researcher John Morris, interviewed by local TV, "it was impossible not to notice that these are Mayan vestiges."

The pyramid stood on private land, but all structures of historical-archaeological value automatically fall under the legislation for the cultural assets of the Belize government. The accusations that will be made against the perpetrators of the scar appear to be criminal.

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