Do the farts contaminate the operating rooms?


The question could make people smile, but for those who are forced to undergo a long intervention it is far from trivial: the flatulences produced by the effect of gut microbes contaminate the sterile environments of the operating room?

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For the sake of science. The question was asked 16 years ago by the Australian doctor Karl Kruszelnicki by a nurse worried that her gas could harm a patient under the knife. Interested in the subject, the doctor asked a colleague - outside working hours - to issue two farts on as many Petri discs: the first one as a dress, the second "without filters", from the nude.

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FOR LUCK THERE ARE TROUSERS. On the second plate colonies of intestinal microbes and skin began to grow as early as the following night (with intestinal ones positioned in the center and those of the skin, thrown outside due to the speed of the air, arranged all around). In any case, Kruszelnicki stated in an article published in the British Medical Journal, these are "good" bacteria, similar to those found in yogurt.

The experiment allowed to conclude that the patients are not put at risk by the bowel movements of the surgical teams, since it is operated by clothes and.