Making an accurate idea of ​​the extent of climate change - and their often unexpected consequences - is not always easy. There are many, from optimistic to the most catastrophic, scenarios that lie ahead in the future of our planet, as well as the factors involved in the various simulations: rising sea levels, melting ice, extreme weather events …

An eye to the past and a look at the future
To better understand what awaits us and what climatic emergencies we will have to face, some databases and climate simulators designed by institutions, universities, online magazines and non-profit organizations come to our aid. Here we present 8 of them, the most authoritative and useful for calculating the most diverse consequences of global warming even at the local level.
Some allow you to peek into Earth's climatic future, others to compare the current situation with the past (and worry accordingly).

Tools to view climate change GO TO GALLERY (N photos)

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