Memory is located in the brain. But there is also an area that serves as a reminder. In an article published in the journal Neuron, Yadin Dudai, of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot (Israel), showed that an area of ​​the cerebral cortex is activated when we do not want to remember something, for example when a thought could divert attention from what we are doing. The experiment took as a sample subjects who were shown the video of a woman engaged in normal daily activities. Back in the lab a week later, the subjects were hypnotized. Unconscious, they were told that when they woke up they should not remember anything more than what they saw in the film, at least until they heard the phrase "now you will remember everything". Surprise: subjected to a questionnaire, the subjects remembered little or nothing until the moment in which the sentence was pronounced. But not only. During the film questionnaire, the researcher monitored the subjects' brains with magnetic resonance, which showed the existence of an area - the prefrontal rostrolateral cortex - active only in the memory suppression phase, and not after the phrase "magic ". The hypothesis now being examined by scholars is that this part of the brain is the gateway to uncomfortable thoughts. (Photo: the car in the pool is really an unpleasant thought. Better to forget) [AP]