To whom does Siri's voice belong?


Once you bought your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, you couldn't resist: you spent precious time asking her what the weather is like, the directions for the center, the programming of the nearest cinema and then putting it to the test on existential questions: "who am I?", "does God exist?", "who created you?" And yes, many of you will even have been spiteful to test your reaction.

[Who uses Siri and why? - Little boy insulted by Siri].

For those who still do not know it, it is called Siri, and it is a software that is based on the voice recognition created by Apple. Some will have wondered who this cordial and metallic voice belongs to. In Italy it is still a mystery, but the American version of Siri Susan Bennett's voice, as she revealed in an interview with CNN. Apple has neither confirmed nor denied, but in-depth analyzes, including that of a legal expert in audio material, have dispelled any doubts.
A disturbing discovery
Actually Susan, who has been a speaker for years and lives in the outskirts of Atlanta, has discovered that she is "Siri" almost by chance, thanks to a friend who recognized her. The vocal samples had been recorded in 2005 for the ScanSoft agency and at that time certainly did not imagine that it would end up in the hands of millions of users. The same agency has recorded the voice of the British version of Siri, Jon Briggs, while the Australian voice is by Karen Jacobsen.
Susan Bennett has been behind the scenes for a long time, partly because of her reserved nature, partly for fear of possible legal consequences. He confessed that the discovery of being the voice of one of the most widespread objects in the world initially troubled him. But now he has got used to it and she and Siri have become … friends.
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