Twenty years of euro: 10 things you (perhaps) don't know about the currency of the old continent

The euro has just turned 20 years old. Here are some interesting facts; on the European currency you may not know.

Labor Day and hours worked

Brief history of 1 May, the acquired rights and the flag of the first workers' demands: the hours worked.

Where are we with gender equality in Italy?

L ' Italy in the report on the global gender gap of the World Economic Forum

The bees of the Maya

Stingless, they have different habits from the European bee. I am for & ograve; also they are cared for and protected, and are the protagonists of important programs for the revaluation of the identity; indigenous culture.

Rifkin and the 4 good news from the future

In his latest book the economist Jeremy Rifkin explains why in about twenty years all coster & agrave; less. And capitalism will transform itself; in the sharing economy.

Aquaculture: farmed fish

Beyond the met & agrave; of fish products consumed in the world come from farms. There seems to be no choice: the so-called fished & egrave; more and more scarce and expensive, while aquaculture feeds cheaply and guarantees jobs. Does it offer quality products? At what price for the environment?

7 big companies born to do something else and then ...

From Samsung to Hasbro, from 3M to Peugeot, to Nokia, Shell and Wrigley: all companies that have discovered their vocation (and success) only many years after being born ...

Bitcoin mining: how much does it cost, in terms of energy?

The value of cryptocurrency is not the only thing to have suffered a surge in recent months: even the energy needed to extract them climb to levels ecologically no more; sustainable.

Russia remains in Baikonur

A new agreement with the Republic of Kazakhstan leaves Russia with the management of the cosmodrome until 2050.

7 weapons of war never born, but cost a lot

Bombers, rifles, mini tanks, invisible planes, laser cannons: why & eacute; at the war industry ... there is no lack of imagination.

Genetically modified athletes

At the Rio Olympics, a test controller & agrave; for the first time if athletes have used a particular type of doping, the genetic type.

11 things you (perhaps) don't know about firearms in the United States

How many weapons are circulating in the US? & Egrave; easy to buy one? How many massacres are committed each year, and what impact do they have on public opinion? By whom compound and how much does the arms lobby spend?

What does default mean

The explanation of a word on everyone's lips.

Contacless cards

Here's how new-generation credit cards work: you don't even need to take them out of your wallet.

What are liberalisations and how would they help to get out of the economic crisis?

These are measures that allow us to get rid of "hidden taxes" that we may not pay without damaging the country.

What is the spread?

A few days ago we talk again about & quot; spread & quot ;: but what does it indicate? And why & eacute; when it increases they are all like this; Worried?

Taxes, incomes and health: whoever is well is better

An American study highlights the relationship between ailments and income. After discovering that paying taxes makes us happy, we now know that those who earn the most are ...

Change sex to the super rich ... and get poorer!

The advertising campaign for the American magazine Forbes shows how women earn less than males, even from billionaires.

Belt and Road Initiative

The great Chinese economic development project in the Western world explained in a simple way. And the potential consequences for our economy.

Bitcoin: what they are and other things to know

From mysterious electronic money for hackers and geeks to fertilizer for financial speculation: here is what they are and how they work & quot; the bitcoins, the cryptocurrency that in 12 months is & egrave; revalued by 1,900%.

Who invented the pension?

Who invented the pension?

12 things you (maybe) don't know about jeans

The garment is more sold and its secrets.

Who invented the euro symbol?

The genesis of the euro symbol

Who invented the shopping cart?

How & nbsp; Sylvan Goldman, a small merchant of the Oklaoma, had the idea that it revolutionized; the way we shop.

How is automatic banknote recognition done?

In banknote readers of petrol stations or video games a series of optical sensors come into operation. The parameters recognized by these are length, density & agrave; of paper and ...

How to change consumption in times of crisis? - Joint Eurispes survey - Focus

Eurispes and Focus launch an investigation to understand com ' changed the relationship of Italians with money, purchases and brands due to the crisis. Join in and you can win one day at the Genoa aquarium.

Who invented the department stores?

& Egrave; was a Parisian entrepreneur during the Belle & Eacute; poque.

Who the banks are and how they work

Italian banks maneuver 1.890 billion euros each year. Knowing how they work, who they are and how they relate to politics can be very useful

How is the calculation of the GDP carried out?

GDP is an important economic indicator. Although for some economists it is not able to accurately indicate the real wealth of a country. But how is it calculated?

Connected car: for whom will a deal be?

Analysts and economic experts agree: the car of the future will be more and more similar to smartphones, both as a model of technological and economic development. But as an impatter & agrave; on users' pockets?

How to win at the lottery

The science (and statistics) of the supernenalotto. And a few tricks to optimize your luck, if you happen to guess the right six numbers.

Climate change and human rights

Mary Robinson, United Nations special envoy for climate change, sheds light on a less popular aspect & quot; of global warming: that of its social implications, including natural disasters, poverty & agrave; and islands that risk disappearing.

2 degrees are already too many

COP21: if climate change makes some areas uninhabitable, where does one migrate?

Scientists hot reactions to the Paris agreement

A first picture on the quality & agrave; of the agreement reached at the Paris Climate Conference, the COP21: the point of view of science.

What does "clean up the money" mean?

Cleaning up money means giving back "virginity" to money from illegal activities, the so-called "dirty money".

Neuromarketing: So they push us to buy

Colors, fragrances, arrangements. Selling has become a science. Journey into the maze of neuromarketing, the discipline that moves us to consume.

Endangered cocoa

Within twenty years, chocolate could become rare and very expensive: the economic crisis and the hunt for profit threaten the cultivation of one of the most loved plants in the world.

Oil companies against decarbonisation

According to a recent study by InfluenceMap, the five largest mining companies in the world would have invested over $ 1 billion in social campaigns and lobbying for fossil fuels. The accused, however, deny it.

What is sovereignty today?

L ' expression & egrave; daughter of the last century. But in recent years in Europe and America it has assumed specific connotations becoming today a synonym of radical criticism of the drifts of globalization.

COP21: the global market is a guest of honor at the climate conference

The challenge is between 2 and 4 & deg; C: of how long will we let the Earth get warm because of us? At COP21, the Paris climate conference, sar & agrave; clash between positions of common sense and strong powers of the economy: here is a guide to interpret this scenario.

Products with the most wrong names ever

From the car that brings jella to the cart that makes the farts, the list of products with wrong or unlikely names is really long. We searched for the most sensational and we tried to understand how they were born, but also how to invent a successful brand.

Ten tricks to contain spending in times of crisis

Mini-guide to save up to 50% without sacrificing quality and cutting food waste.

Is it legal to take home a briefcase full of money found on the ground?

What to do if there is a briefcase full of money on the floor? Is it legal to take it home?

Is it legal to write about money?

Unless the content of the sentences is a crime, you can write on the banknotes.

Why did Samoa miss December 30, 2011?

Could a new calendar be good for the economy? According to two American researchers, yes.

Are there companies without money?

Are there companies without money?

US elections: who spends more, always wins?

A tangle of complications between the international role and the expectations of voters makes it difficult to make predictions about the name of the next president of the United States, even using the tried and tested key to reading the electoral campaign budget.

The good trick that makes you believe that inflation is higher than it is

A study by MIT explains how a mechanism of self-protection of our brain pushes us to consider the inflation rate higher; high compared to the real one.

What do you die of?

The most serious pathologies lethal of 2015 and those that will cause the greatest number of deaths between 2015 and 2030.

Doing business with idea incubators and startups

Do you want to develop an innovative project? Or a service for the public or for companies, or a product that is not yet c ' Do you have a winning idea? Incubators can make you do it.

From Parmesan to beer: the coins you don't expect

The food & egrave; it was often used in history as an exchange currency. And it still happens today ...

10 things you (perhaps) don't know about shopping malls

Qual & egrave; the first modern shopping center? & Egrave; true that we move inside them like zombies? Perch & eacute; are considered & quot; non-places & quot; How many are there in Italy?

Honey economy: how it is born and how it is done

Bees give it to us this way for thousands of years, but also for honey they are hard times, between economic crisis, killer insects and climate change. Here's how to do it and how to choose the best one.

It is the international women's holiday, but gender fairness at work is rare

The possibility to move, start a business, have children, rise to managerial positions, receive a pension & egrave; given to women and men without distinction only in six countries (Italy is not one of them). And yet there are more hours of paid and unpaid work for women workers both inside and outside the home.

Eurispes 2014 Italy Report: the Italians, the crisis and buying habits

Published the annual survey of the Research Institute for 2014: a photograph of a country oppressed by the crisis but with some excellences from which to start again.

Do psychopaths make more careers?

Are there dangerous psychopaths behind people with much power?

Google buys ICOA WiFi hotspots but then comes the denial

ICOA is not a chain of furniture stores, but a provider with a network of Wi-Fi hotspots. Google decided to buy the company for 400 million dollars, but the news was immediately denied.

The disasters of 2011 in figures

A year like this had never been seen before: this is what the 2011 natural disasters cost in economic terms.

12 things you (maybe) don't know about money

How do English plastic banknotes work? Qual & egrave; the most important currency; exchanged in the world? Can monkeys use money? Who is the historical figure whose effigy appears on the greatest number of banknotes? What a difference c ' & egrave; between virtual currency and currency? 12 small big curiosities; on the money.

Elon Musk's financial woes

The latest operations of the entrepreneur pi & ugrave; visionary of history have raised doubts in the world of finance. Is Tesla and SpaceX owner finishing the money?

The huge costs of smoking

A thousand billion a year, according to a new report, & egrave; the total amount spent on treating diseases linked to smoking and loss of productivity; due to the same cause.

Are Italian workers the most stressed?

The return to work can be done; be very stressful. For the Italians perhaps it is & egrave; pi & ugrave; of others. That's why & eacute ;.

The cost of catastrophes

A research by the World Bank highlights the economic impact of the calamities; natural on the world economy. Who pays? & Egrave; can you protect yourself?

The salt of the Earth

Salt production & egrave; one of the activities more mining; ancient in history: a photographic book celebrates this essential food for food preservation.

Do robots steal our work? No, they create it again

At least according to the data of an economic study carried out in Germany: the automation cancels some old tasks, but generates others better paid. Sar & agrave; everywhere cos & igrave ;?

The after Expo we dream of

Which one will be the fate of the area in which the Universal Exposition of Milan is taking place? Ignored by private investors, the area could host part of the option; of the Milan State University and a center of technology. But there is also talk of an entertainment park with scientific content and even ... a particle accelerator.

2016 has an extra day: how are you going to use it?

Mark this entry on the agenda of February 29: 24more, 24 hours extra to reflect on the meaning of our work, and bring it closer to what we really believe.

Did Bitcoin's founder Satoshi Nakamoto finally find himself in California? Yes, no, maybe

Satoshi Nakamoto, a former American physicist of Japanese descent, is 64 years old and has six children and & egrave; been discovered by Newsweek. But the interested one has gi & agrave; denied, adding mystery to a gi & agrave; intricate story.

The future of the economy? It's the Bitcoins, the money ... virtual

What are Bitcoins. The explanation in a video (and in our analysis).

Does the nude in advertising still sell?

Abusing the nude in advertising can be counterproductive.

Does money give happiness? The answer of science

Money can bring happiness, provided you earn at least 60,000 euros a year. The results of a study conducted by a Nobel laureate for economics

The financial system is increasingly at risk of cyber attacks

An American government report launches the alarm on the weakness of defenses against malicious hackers.

Expo 2015: the "general states" of the world on nutrition

From games to international research to great debates: water, agriculture, food ... Here is a selection of the many projects and routes of the Expo, in the exhibition area and in other Milan centers of interest.

Who was the father of capitalism?

Adam Smith in the '700 theorization a free market of free men. A formula that should have guaranteed wealth and happiness; to all. Rediscovered in the '900, it was for & ograve; misrepresented and misunderstood.

The fish: what must be written on the labels

Local market, fishmonger, supermarket: everyone must display precise labels on fish products. Here are the news introduced as of December 2014.

The strangest (and bravest) ways to go to work

Paragliding, hovercraft, swimming through rivers. Or by plane to save on rent: when commuting rhymes with genius.

Immigration has positive effects on the economy. Even a century away

The US states that have historically received the most European immigrants still have an average income today; high, lower poverty rates; and lower levels of unemployment: a study investigates the long-term socio-economic impact of migration flows.

From Beijing to Zurich: the (new) 20 cities of power

London and New York resist, but the geography of political and economic power & egrave; in continuous movement. And it reserves us more a surprise ...

The Global Trends report in Renewable Energy Investment 2018

Break all records for both solar and other renewable and clean energy sources. Big steps forward for China. Europe and the United States, on the other hand, are holding back.

In which country do you spend more on food?

In which country do you spend more on food?

When the supermarket checks your cell

Was Mark Zuckerbe right when, in 2010, he stated that privacy is an outdated concept? Maybe yes, and not just on the Internet. Here are the latest technologies available to marketing to learn about each

The supermarket of products never sold

In the US c ' & egrave; a warehouse that serves as a worldwide repository for every product ever released on the market, including those that have failed to buy.

In China they buy bottled air from Canada

Among the most important products sought after in China, along with Gucci and Ferrari, c ' & egrave; the air of the Rocky Mountains: a millionaire affair for those who breathe concentrated smog.

The algorithm that foresees stock market trends

A team of American researchers has developed a statistical algorithm that makes it possible to predict the performance of equities. Here's how it works.

The tobacco economy

Behind the cigarettes is a dizzying economy, which gave the tobacco multinationals the power to influence the politics of entire nations.

What place does Italy occupy in the global market?

Again the duties and new trade wars - but the protagonists of the global market are always the same: two maps to see their weight in the world.

Growing mortality among middle-aged Americans

From a statistical study it emerges that the middle-aged Americans die of more compared to peers from other countries, for suicides and addictions: an unprecedented cross-section of ci & ograve; which happens in the USA.