IPCC: the Climate Report comes out in a censored version

An English scientist accuses the IPCC of having censored the summary document of the Climate Report, in order not to displease politicians any more; skeptical.

Artificial intelligence will manage our savings

A company American financial institution has delegated to an AI system the choice of securities on which to invest in the long term: the experts are divided.

Internet and the crisis of the porn economy

The red light industry has accounts in the red, and the fault seems to be the Internet. The same Internet that has made available the hard to ranks of people who never would have dreamed of entering a sex shop or buying a red-light DVD at newsstands. Here's what's happening.

Hans Rosling explains the global population growth with Ikea boxes

The world population will reach 9 billion within the next 50 years, and only by improving the living conditions of the poorest could we control its growth.

The economic crisis makes us poorer. But it's good for the environment

With the economic crisis companies work less, pollute less and environment thanks.

The Greek crisis explained to questions and answers

What triggered the Greek crisis? What is it & egrave; the & quot; contagion & quot ;? & nbsp; And what is the risk of going on holiday to Greece? Let's do a little 39; of clarity.

The recipe for success, or how the great leaders manage to move the masses

Simon Sinek: how the great leaders manage to inspire the masses. And how to set up your own company. And his own life.

The geography of migrations

Many definitions and reasons, one the overall phenomenon. Faced with wars, conflicts, natural disasters, poverty and lack of resources, the men and women of the world move. Always.

The science of dad's children

An Italian study shows that wealth can remain in the hands of the same families for centuries, in spite of the socio-economic models of redistribution.

New elements of Obama's green strategy

New passage of Barack Obama's commitment to the environment and to combat climate change, between supporters and critics.

The advantages of functional stupidity

Put the spirit of initiative aside and do what your bosses say: you will help the company function better. The curious theory of a Swedish economist.

The history and geography of financial default

The map of the countries that went into default and some 39; of history.

The Chinese financial crisis in 8 questions and answers

While the eyes of the world are focused on Greece, on Tsipras and on the Merkel-Hollande couple, from the other side of the world, in China, an economic drama of much greater dimensions is being consummated, which could put the economy of many in crisis Western and Italian countries and companies.

The sand is not infinite

Guarantee sand (and land) to all activities who use it & egrave; more and more difficult and expensive, with unexpected political and environmental consequences. Cos & igrave; a new illegal market grows and thrives.

We like working on the whole

The level of satisfaction in the workplace is, globally, high: this is revealed by a barometer research that measures the well-being of employees (even those with suitcases ready for the bridge).

Infographics on world debt

A series of unique infographics displays the debt of the main banknote countries per banknote. With impressive and worrying results.

The year without summer halves the honey harvest

Cold, rain, pesticides, pests and killer insects: it is a very difficult period for beehives and bee families.

Florence, the Silicon Valley of the Renaissance

An innovation model to look at, to build the technological poles of tomorrow? The city & agrave; of the Medici and Humanism: here are six important lessons that you transmitted to us.

Will women ever earn as much as men?

According to a study, the salaries of men and women will be equated by 2044. That is, perhaps we will first land on Mars (it is estimated starting from 2030).

The origins of the fair

Circulation of people, goods and culture, but also shows, gambling, tax exemptions, amnesties and relics of saints on display. Here's what happened in medieval fairs and how they grew to become Expo, a universal exhibition.

Hans Rosling shows the best statistics ever seen on the development of countries

Hans Rosling presents his software for the statistical analysis of demographic data at TED

The parts of the body that attract the most money

The Wall Street Journal has compiled a ranking of the bodies on which investors aim more than ever; in the hunt for new drugs and medical inventions.

The largest sailing yacht in the world

Numbers, curiosity & agrave; and secrets on & quot; A & quot;, the most sailing boat; big in the world. You could spot it in some port during your next vacation.

The vegetable laser label

Laser engraved labels instead of expensive and polluting packaging. The ecological solution is being studied in a supermarket in Sweden on fruit and vegetables.

Malnutrition: world hunger grows

The eradication of hunger in the desired world by 2030 is far away.

Microsoft changes its look: new logo after 25 years

The Redmond giant retires its historic logo. The look is always minimal, but with an extra symbol. The network already arises because someone points out strange similarities with that of Chrome.

Good news: the use of coal is decreasing

The low prices of other energy sources, the development of renewables and greater sensitivity; to environmental problems they favor the decrease in the use of coal (even in the US), with few exceptions.

The lights of the changing world

From the maps of the Earth at night unexpected information can be deduced on economic growth, political decline, wars and other activities; human. Here are some striking examples.

The 10 weirdest jobs in the world. maybe

If you thought your work was strange, imagine these ...

The environmental impact of Chinese industrialization

While the West faces one of the most serious economic crises in its history, China is growing at an impressive rate. At the expense of the environment and the health of its inhabitants.

Mortality in Europe has declined during the 2008 economic crisis

During the Great Recession of 2008, in the most important countries; mortality rates are affected by economic decline; have come down, for a counterintuitive effect on whose causes are still being discussed.

What's in a honey jar?

The food that bees give us is an extraordinary product

The 10 richest people of all time

Powerful, famous, eccentric but - above all - very rich: the ranking of the characters who found themselves, at different times, to govern the most; imposing economic empires.

Are we still paying for the war in Ethiopia in petrol?

In petrol we still pay the premium (of 1.90 lire) imposed in the causal of 1935 for the war of Ethiopia.

What we put in our pockets with our smartphone

Smartphones and, in general, electronic device cards also contain rare and precious metals: materials for which wars and violence are fueled in many countries of the world and which are often recovered (from waste) in inhuman conditions in other countries.

Nobel Prize for Economics in Stock Market Forecasts for Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller

The Nobel Prize for Economics 2013 & egrave; it was given to Eugene F. Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert J. Shiller for their studies on the empirical analysis of asset prices.

Nobel Prize for Economics 2015 to Angus Deaton

The Scottish economist won for his studies on & nbsp; consumption, povert & agrave; and welfare, which have repercussions both in the academic context and in the political-social context.

The Nobel Prize for Economics 2018 at William Nordhaus and Paul Romer

The relationship between long-term economic growth, innovation and climate change is the focus of this year's award. With a perfect timing compared to the last global climate report.

The most expensive cities in the world

London? Paris? New York? Here is the ranking of the cities; where the cost of living & pi & ugrave; tall. There are plenty of surprises, starting from the first position.

What tax havens are and how they work

The historical roots of a fact d & rsquo; actuality, the Paradise Papers.

The new edition of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge starts

Presented in Milan, at the Mondadori headquarters, the 2019 edition of the Challange & nbsp; dedicated & nbsp; to the topics of leadership and sustainability & agrave; reserved for young people between 23 and 33 years.

Do you just need to work one day a week to be happy?

According to a group of researchers from Cambridge, 8-hour shifts a week would be enough to make us enjoy the psychological benefits that come from working (but without incurring the side effects of traditional time).

Why do I have to sign the receipt with my credit card?

Why do I have to sign with a credit card and not with an ATM?

Apple buy Tesla?

A secret meeting between Apple and Tesla leaves room for a suggestive hypothesis: the arrival of the iCar. That's why Apple could decide to buy Elon Musk's company.

Why is Facebook blue? Color science in online marketing

Marketing and colors: which are the ones that push us to buy? How do you choose the color for the logo of large companies? What are the colors that increase appetite and those that relax?

Facebook pays a fortune to have all WhatsApp users. Here because

Facebook, WhatsApp, Zuckerberg, acquisition, messaging, instant messaging, app

The mascots of Expo 2015

The mascots of Expo Milano 2015.

Apple versus Amazon - The pricing policy in the world of ebooks

Why do ebooks cost so much? The question is real after it was discovered that having seen Apple and five other big publishing houses accused of creating a monopoly cartel (up)

Alien parasites: the case of the Asian bug and other pests

Perch & eacute; are we invaded by Asian bugs? Climate change and globalization of the markets favor the spread of deadly insects that then & egrave; difficult if not impossible to eradicate.

Why are sportspeople so often the testimonials in poker?

Poker and advertising: why are the testimonials of poker rooms so often successful sportsmen like Buffon, Nadal and Ronaldo?

Because the meganavi sink

Given their size, one might think they are unsinkable. And instead we discover problems and defects that lead them to sink down even with great speed

Why is the 5 cent coin bigger than the 10 cent coin?

Why is the 5 cents euro coin larger than the 10 cents coin?

Why are diamonds the most expensive stones on the market?

Diamonds are among the rarest gems and for this reason their cost can be very high, up to 52 thousand euros per carat

Why do technology companies focus on people with autism?

Microsoft, SAP and other technology companies hire (and appreciate) people who suffer from & nbsp; autism spectrum disorders. They are exceptional in verifying the software code.

Why do they say "be broke"? Meaning of "being in the green"

Ways of saying: why do they say "be broke"?

In 2050 we will be 9.8 billion

This is underlined by the United Nations report on world population: every year the Earth is enriched with 83 million new inhabitants, despite a generalized reproductive decline.

We are bombarded with offers with winking prices, ending with 9. A strategy that works?

€ 0.99! 9.99 and so on; Street. The technique, to tell the truth does not & egrave; new: attract us with prices ending with 9, so that & eacute; we can perceive the cost of a product as lower than the real one. It will seem & agrave; incredible, but c ' & egrave; who falls for it.

The secrets of the mind

Two world-renowned scientists, the neuroscientist Moran Cerf and the economist Dan Ariely, & nbsp; tell their research on the functioning of the brain and our behaviors & ldquo; irrational & rdquo ;.

What is the best age for women to have children?

Make children when you & egrave; too young does not pay: according to a study, the et & agrave; pi & ugrave; indicated - in the modern society & agrave; western - & egrave; the one between 31 and 34 years. At least if we consider the working aspect.

What perfumes push us to buy?

What perfumes push us to buy?

Oil wells: proven relationship between waste water and earthquakes

Waste water from oil wells, injected into the subsoil, can cause strong earthquakes: satellite scans reveal how and why.

When were coins invented?

Who and when did he invent coins and notes?

When was the money born?

The appearance of money dates back to the 8th century BC

Refugees and migrants: on the run (also) from climate change

C ' & egrave; a precise relationship between the increase in the average temperature of the Earth and asylum requests in the European Union.

12 historical curiosities on money

Perch & eacute; piggy banks are a & nbsp; piglet shape? Perch & eacute; the coin is called cos & igrave ;? Do we Italians prefer cash or cards? Who are the medalists?

How much money do you have to earn to be happy?

Each & egrave; a case in s & eacute ;, but here for your curiosity & agrave; the exact sum - and absolutely not to be exceeded.

Oil price, carbon dioxide emissions and economic growth

If oil is cheap, do we pollute more? Comparison studies to understand if and how much the price of crude affects CO2 emissions.

How many oil platforms are there in the world?

The market analysis of one of the main companies consultancy of the oil companies.

The interactive map of India

The map that compares the states of India with other countries.

Anger, disgust, fear ... The words of books in times of crisis

In times of economic recession the lexicon used in the books changes and the words that reflect the difficulties increase, in a trend that does not end with the end of the crisis.

How much is nature worth?

Woods, deserts, oceans and grasslands are worth the astronomical figure of 145 thousand billion dollars a year; it is the estimate of the fundamental environmental services that ecosystems supply to our species

Free money, an experiment starts in Finland

To two thousand unemployed people will come & agrave; granted for two years a & quot; salary & quot;, even if they were to find work: & egrave; one of the most extensive field tests so far made of the so-called universal minimum income.

Universal minimum income in Finland: the results of a two-year test

The experiment to explore the possibility of an alternative form of welfare has & quot; product & quot; beneficiaries more happy and confident, but did not encourage the search for a job.

How far are the cities from any point on Earth: the maps

A project quantifies and illustrates the time needed, wherever you are, to reach the first important urban center: an exercise that brought some interesting data to the surface.

Vintage shopping tied to the idea of ​​death and fleetingness of time

An experiment carried out by marketing experts of the University & agrave; Bocconi relates the preference for vintage with the idea of ​​& quot; eternit & agrave; & quot;

How much is the human capital of a nation worth?

Human Capital Index: what it is, what it is, who establishes it. The new report of the World Economic Forum: how is Italy standing?

Testosterone and financial markets: that's when the stock market goes up

Other than political events and investor confidence! The "usual" testosterone seems to influence the trend of the financial markets ...

Social lending: when sharing savings

The peer to peer of money is called social lending: it allows you to take and lend money to complete strangers, via the Internet, at advantageous conditions compared to those practiced by the banks. Here's how it works and what the risks are.

Food waste: the FAO numbers and the Milan Charter

Even if we wanted to ignore the ethical aspect of the question of food waste, there would still be a question: why & eacute; spend so much energy and so much money on something that ends up in the trash right away?

Food waste: over half of all wasted food ends up in the garbage of the house

In the home kitchens the thicker slice is concentrated; large amount of food that ends up in the shopping cart directly in the trash. The purchase of local products in short supply chains would cut waste even by 60%.

What an offshore company is and how it works

How companies do; of & ldquo; tax havens & rdquo; to renere pi & ugrave; rich, even legally, people already rich.

San Francisco: a wealth tax and hi-tech aid to manage the homeless

In the land of great promises, more and more is being created; wealth for the few, and ever more; Poverty & agrave; for many: here is the merciless analysis of an economist on the phenomenon of the San Francisco homeless, and how a tax and a lot of technology can help.

California experiences universal income (or citizenship income)

In the US, the first universal income provision test, a financial support without constraints, which forces those who use it to look for a job.

Referendum: rigs yes or no, when and why

The 17 April referendum to prevent the renewal of oil concessions: what exactly is voted for, and five key points for deciding how to vote.

The last denial of global warming deniers dismantled point by point

Effects of the new US policy: climate denial takes the lead in accusing the science of having deceived governments.

Scams: what the Ponzi scheme is and how it works

From pi & ugrave; of a century & egrave; synonymous with fraud, yet the mechanism works (almost) always - at the expense of the most. Here is why & eacute; it's called & quot; Ponzi & quot; and what it is based on.

Selling hurts

According to an American study, selling or otherwise separating from the things to which one is attached triggers the same brain mechanisms of pain.

Brexit, everything you need to know in 10 questions and answers

On June 23rd the citizens of the United Kingdom will be called upon to decide by referendum whether or not to remain in the European Union. But what does it mean "leaving the EU"? What will happen? the next day in case of victory of the S & igrave ;? What effect will it have? on scientific research. And for us, what changes?

Keeping negative memories in mind is the first step to getting better again

It is not true that forgetting what troubled us pays. Who for memory problems, does not remember negative experiences remains sad longer.

When a bit of luck can make the difference

Having a lucky object with you helps you feel safer and can improve performance.

10 things you (perhaps) don't know about dreams

& Egrave; Is it true that many famous inventions are due to dreams? Are there premonitory dreams? And what do we dream of the most?

Wealth and poverty: social segregation seen from above

The Unequal Scenes photographic project shows how architecture and urban development are used as tools of marginalization and segregation in many cities; of the world.

10 things you (perhaps) don't know about lies

It can be written; understand if someone lies looking into his eyes? The truth machine works or & egrave; a bluff? And the serum of truth?

Low cost flights and hotels: the best time to book a vacation

On which days of the week do you pay less? Is it better to buy tickets in bulk? Is it better to wait until the last one or move ahead? Some scientific tips to save on travel and overnight stays.

10 things you (perhaps) don't know about mind and human behavior

We love certainties, recurring patterns and we often believe we can control everything. But is not so.

The Moneyproject: the 50 richest people in the world for images

Who are the most? rich in the world? What do they do? And above all ... how rich are they? These and other curiosities out of the 50 plus people; rich in the planet in an interesting collection of infographics.