Let's take a siesta, we're Chinese: photos of Chinese workers sleeping everywhere

Accomplice to China's continued economic growth, its workers are forced to work at an impressive rate. And they take advantage of any situation to rest.

Do the Christmas and New Year holidays make you sleepless? Here because

Wreaths, chores, busted rhythms, too much alcohol and too much food: forget about taking advantage of Christmas to recover backward sleep - that's why; and how to fix it (a little 39;).

7 famous writers and their strange habits

From Victor Hugo to Dan Brown, passing by Truman Capote: masterpieces and best sellers are often the result of very original writing methods.

9 things you (perhaps) don't know about the Betrothed

Perch & eacute; the novel by Renzo e Lucia & egrave; a forerunner of the TV series? Don Rodrigo & egrave; really existed? Il Lazzaretto c ' & egrave; yet? And above all, how is the story going? Curiosities & agrave; not very scholastic on the Manzoni masterpiece.

Adolphe Sax, the man who invented the saxophone

The story of Antoine-Joseph Sax, known as Adolphe, the man who gave us the instrument with the greatest sound; sexy: the saxophone.

8 films inspired by a true story, which you wouldn't imagine

The recessed champion films that were inspired by a true story? Many and ... unexpected. Not just those that we would expect, such as Titanic, but also action films, several gruesome horror films and even the king of modern musical movies. Because often to put the imagination in motion a newspaper article is enough. Read to believe

8 things you (perhaps) don't know about museums

Qual & egrave; the pi & ugrave museum; visited the world? Are those Italians good or do they go wrong? When do the first museums date back to? It can be written; to exhibit a toilet in a museum?

9 things you (perhaps) don't know about Hollywood

What does Hollywood enter with religion? What do we mean by Hollywood science? 9 curiosit & agrave; from the cinema mecca.

Photo of the day: beach cloths by Andres Amador

The artist Andres Amador has chosen the sand of suggestive beaches as a canvas for his large-scale paintings, on which he draws gigantic masterpieces with his rake.

9 moments of winter

Winter: a selection of photographs by Focus readers.

10 albums from 1967 that made rock history

With the release of many very important debuts, the 1967 & egrave; the turning point in the history of popular music. Marco Ferrari, the musical expert (and not only) of Focus, has selected 10 really fundamental ones. And not & egrave; It was an easy choice.

Opens Dismaland, Banksy's bleak amusement park

18 weird and unsettling attractions designed by the mysterious English artist. On the deserted beach of Tropicana, in Somerset, England. L ' entrance coster & agrave; only 3 pounds. The fairground of the artist will be visitable only for three weeks, but not & egrave; suitable for children.

A dance step

In the civilizations pi & ugrave; ancient dance has taught us to collaborate in work and in hunting, to communicate feelings and emotions. It marks the great rites of passage, celebrates the most important events; important or simply makes two hearts beat at the same time.

The aliens of Robert Llimós

Veure (see): a selection of the works of the Catalan artist Robert Llimós, from a personal traveling exhibition (in Rome until 16 April 2016).


The original self-portraits of the Hungarian artist & nbsp; Fl & oacute; ra Borsi which becomes an entire one with animals.

The largest package in the world

A sculpture of air and fabric over 90 meters high: the latest effort by the American artist Christo

P183 died, the "Russian Banksy": his most beautiful works

Through graffiti he denounced the political and social situation of his homeland. His works were often obscured by the Soviet authorities.

Close encounters and other photos of Focus readers

A selection of photographs by Focus readers and the shots published in Focus 291 (January 2017). See also: how to publish your photographs on Focus and

At the last Da Vinci auction

Salvator Mundi, the portrait of Christ executed by Leonardo Da Vinci, is on sale for 100 million dollars.

Astrosamantha, the woman of records in space arrives at the cinema

At the cinema only the first and second of March the documentary film on Samantha Cristoforetti, the first Italian woman in space. And with Focus, you can send your question to Astrosamantha.

Mechanical abstract art

Photographer Fabian Oefner has produced a series of expressionist paintings that recall Pollock's works. With the brush? No, with the drill.

What martial arts are used in movies?

Karate, kung fu various combat disciplines have made genuine movie stars such as Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Van Damme. Also read: what is the meaning of the names and the origin of the martial arts?

Banksy's new work appears in London

A fierce criticism of capitalism, perhaps aimed at the preparations for the next Olympics, or at the sixtieth anniversary of the ascent of Queen Elizabeth, who is celebrated precisely in

The Trees of Focus readers, between hi-tech and nature

A selection of photographs by Focus readers and the shots published in Focus 292 (February 2017). See also: how to publish your photographs on Focus and

Thrilling art: sculptures and other extraordinary masterpieces of ice and snow

Castles, dragons, venus, trombones, chessboards, hotels and even a fireplace: a series of works of art soon destined to melt.

Banksy, the endless hunt

Did we find it? Not yet. But a statistical model used in criminology would restrict suspicions on Bristol artist Robin Gunningham, & nbsp; reinforcing a hypothesis that has been circulating since 2008. But not c ' & egrave; nothing definitive and certain.

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2018: the winners

Si & egrave; closed the 2018 edition of the 39th Astronomy Photographer of the Year: we already had proposed a selection of the finalists, here (instead) the winners (s & igrave ;, we have not guessed one).

Battle of Anghiari: the interspace and traces of colors found?

Behind the painting by Vasari, in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, there would be traces of pigments and materials that would have been used to paint and fix the Battle of Anghiari by Leonardo da Vinci.

The works of the Swedish artist Erik Johansson. A wizard of artistic optical illusions.

Fish islands, mirror streets, liquid paintings ... Here are the dreamy montages of Swedish photographer Erik Johansson.

We are all Beethoven with the Google doodle

245 years after Beethoven's birth, Google publishes an interactive game in which we must recompose his works.

Art Wars

A photographic project by Tony Leone, reader of Focus.

Who really is and 9 other things you (maybe) don't know about Banksy

The technique, the first works, the endless hunt at the undisputed and mysterious king of street art.

Famous actors and paintings, united in a mashup

The images of the project "Art & Classic Movie Stars Mashupsun" by Luigi Chiarini, in which he created a collage with faces of Hollywood stars and famous paintings.

Banksy and the new graffiti on Calais migrants

The last mural of the artist in London denounces the conditions of refugees on the border with France. But it's not the first work of the writer on the management of immigration in Europe.

11 things you (perhaps) don't know about Beethoven

Character, diseases, loves and defects: 11 things you may not know about life and the art of Ludwig van Beethoven.

The paper art of Peter Callesen

One A4 sheet and a little 039; of glue: these are the "ingredients" of the works of the Danish artist Peter Callesen

Sand castles in ... grains of sand

Brazilian artist Vik Muniz and scientist Marcelo Coelho have succeeded in drawing tiny castles on grains of sand.

Boby art: piercings and tattoos. The incredible photos

Following in the footsteps of photographer Rui Camilo, we propose a journey through a fashion that is today the expression of a need for belonging and affirmation of diversity.

The dancers among us

What would happen if the dancers invaded every corner of the metropolis?

Kangaroos, museums and other secrets of Paris

What ' & egrave; the Paris syndrome? The Eiffel Tower & egrave; has always been so loved? & nbsp; And above all ... that c ' kangaroos enter with the Ville Lumi & egrave; re?

Calvin Seibert, the wizard of sand castles

Here are the pi & ugrave buildings; surprising of a man who knows how to handle a shovel and bucket in a masterly way. Now try you ...

Charles Perrault and his fairy tales

Who was Charles Perrault? And why & eacute; his fairy tales are like this; important?

What do you think about contemporary art?

A survey to understand the artistic sense of our readers.

Banksy, the most transgressive writer of all time and his street art

Banksy, the most transgressive writer of all time and his street art

What happened to Qui's parents, Quo, Qua?

Let's try to solve the mystery of the Duckburg family tree: why & eacute; the 3 young marmots live with their uncle Donald Duck and not with their parents?

Crazy and interactive art, welcome to the 3D paintings museum

Animals that pierce the canvas, putti that pee, dinosaurs to keep on a leash and walls to climb: in Hangzhou, China, the paintings come out of the canvas to interact with the public.

Charles Perrault and his fairy tales in 3 Doodles

There are at least three, each for a different fairy tale. Charles Perrault was the first to rewrite the tales of European folk tradition. We all grew up listening to his fables before falling asleep. Here is his story

Who is Eiji Tsuburaya, the "father" of Godzilla

Eiji Tsuburaya would now be 114 years old. & Nbsp; & Egrave; status among the most prolific and important Japanese special effects creators. And we owe him the first Godzilla of cinema.

Five spies telling you you're watching a Spielberg movie

Steven Spielberg has stylistic and thematic tics that appear pi & ugrave; and pi & ugrave; times in his films. The weekly Time has analyzed five.

Body painting: the body as a palette

Someone defines "fun art" body painting, or art made for fun. The fashion to get the body painted depopulate events and fashion shows. But once it was something more

Clara Rockmore and the theremin

Who was Clara Rockmore the woman who made the theremin famous? The incredible story of an artist who seemed to "play in the air".

How does the emperor penguin resist frost?

How does the emperor penguin resist frost?

The card: 10 (and more) things you didn't know

Who invented it? & Egrave; true that c ' & egrave; who conceived a way to produce it from the ... poo (of elephant)? Here are all the curiosities that (maybe) you didn't know on paper.

How to 3D print the Nefertiti bust

With a clandestine operation, two artists scanned the bust kept at the Berlin museum and published the data in the torrent format online.

Caravaggio on the streets of Kiev

The Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov takes the characters of famous paintings and repositions them in modern contexts. The works of Caravaggio, Hayez and other great artists give light to the most gray places in Kiev.

Thus a work of art is reborn

Behind the scenes of a very difficult restoration. A miracle of passion and technology that has revived a canvas seriously damaged by the Abruzzo earthquake of 2009. A long and laborious work told in the most important stages; important in this video and, more detailed, on Focus number 252 (from 20 September on newsstands).

How to find out if a painting is fake?

We need in-depth knowledge of the history of art, but also chemical analysis, information technology and high technology.

Clara Rockmore, 10 curiosities to know

Who was Clara Rockmore, why is it important and what is the Theremin, the magic instrument that played.

Where does the name of the colors come from?

Linguistic origin of color names

10 things you (perhaps) don't know about the Colosseum

Perch & eacute; is it called the Colosseum? Com ' & egrave; changed over the centuries? And above all, what mysteries does it hold? 10 curiosities & agrave; on the monument more famous d ' Italy.

From 007 to Tom & Jerry: the movies loved by dictators

Fairy tales, thrillers and even cartoons. From Hitler to Kim Il Sung, from Stalin to Mussolini: 7 films loved by dictators

Stanislav Aristov, the Russian photographer who creates drawings with keys and chalks

Get brilliant collages from something we all have in our pockets: a bunch of keys. The fun overlapping games designed by the Russian photographer Stanislav Aristov.

Where does the term rock and roll come from?

Why rock music ' n ' roll is it called that?

Leonardo da Vinci

To celebrate the greatest artistic genius (and not only) we have collected some curiosities that perhaps not everyone knows.

What does the perfect acoustics of ancient theaters depend on?

How come in ancient theaters it is said that acoustics is perfect?

Where does the word etiquette come from?

Where does the word etiquette come from?

From Caravaggio to Banksy: 9 secrets of art

That c ' parmesan enters with Dal & igrave ;? & Egrave; was it true that women used to paint cave graffiti? Perch & eacute; the sky of Munch's scream & egrave; fire red? And ... who & egrave; the artist is more paid for the story? Small / large curiosities from the world of art

Dismaland, amusement park in Banksy version

Banksy's version of a very particular disneyworld, open from August 21st to September 27th 2015.

How a paleoartist works

In the laboratories of paleoanthropologists who give a face to men and women who lived thousands or millions of years ago. Thanks to science, art and ... a bit of imagination. Go to the main article

Banksy in New York. Better Out Than In: a new work a day

The king of graffiti challenges the authorities of the Big Apple, turning the streets into an open-air canvas.

The historical postcards of Paris updated by Julien Knez

The historical postcards of Paris start ' 900 merge into today's images and Google Maps photos.

Books, movies and video games precede reality

From the company & agrave; without privacy to smartphones, from the tragedy of New York to President Obomi. Other than Nostradamus: & egrave; pop culture to foresee the future.

Is it true that newborns love Picasso's cubist paintings?

Is it true that newborns love Picasso's cubist paintings?

50 shades of food: photos by Brittany Wright

Brittany Wright is a food photographer and chef from Seattle. His passion for cooking led him to transform the ingredients of his recipes into ... gradients in his shots. Indeed, Wright's photos portray complex food compositions, rigorously ordered by color or size.

Erotic art that you don't expect

From Raphael to Keith Haring, from the Vatican to the Cologne City Hall: art and architecture often hide traces of eroticism. Not always wanted and aware; often hidden and invisible at a quick glance.

Are there musical instruments that are played with the nose?

S & igrave; and they have a very important ritual meaning.

Paintings in the bubble wrap: the art to burst by Bradley Hart

Do you know the bubble wrap, the wrapping paper that we can't do without squeezing between our fingers? An artist from New York uses it as a canvas for his paintings. With amazing results.

Eclisse di Sole 2017: photos of readers

The photographs of Focus readers from the United States celebrated the astronomical event of 2017. See also: how to publish your photographs on Focus and

9 erotic masterpieces of contemporary art

From Picasso to Keith Haring, from Warhol to Dal & igrave; the lesser known and sometimes censored masterpieces of the great contemporary artists.

Where do the names of the most famous bands in the history of music come from?

The curious origins of the names of rock and pop music bands famous of history (and of the moment).

Fakes at the museum: the experiment in Great Britain

Can you distinguish a perfect imitation from an original painting? Six museums in the United Kingdom put visitors' eyes to the test. To invite to observe with pi & ugrave; caution...

But who is Fong Fei-Fei?

A brief history of Fong Fei-Fei, the Taiwanese singer celebrated today by Google.

Project Djerbahood: the city of street art

Welcome to Djerbahood, the project that - thanks to the work of 150 street artist - & nbsp; has transformed a Tunisian village into one of the largest; great open-air exhibitions of the world. & nbsp;

Gianbattista Tiepolo in a fresco-shaped doodle

Gianbattista Tiepolo was the master of the Rococo. Painter and engraver marked the art of the eighteenth century. Today he would be 318 years old. Google celebrates it.

Eiji Tsuburaya, the lord of monsters

Godzilla and others. The life and monsters of Eiji Tsuburaya. The main news about who Eiji Tsuburaya was is here

Photographers for Focus: Happy Colors!

Focus readers: photographs for MyFocus 298 and

One year in the infrared: the photodiario by Kate Davies

The unique photographs of Kate Davies, made thanks to the unseen light. & Nbsp;

Birds on wires turned into musical notes

A Brazilian artist has extracted a viral piece from a nature photo, turning a flock of birds into the notes of a pentagram. The result is amazing.

Does your look-alike exist?

They are doubles but they are not relatives. Images of incredibly similar people found around the world by the Canadian photographer François Brunelle.

Not only Floating Piers: the masterpieces of land art

The work of Christ & ograve; on Lake Iseo & egrave; only the last one in a series of large sculptures that create art, playing with the landscape.

Famous paintings with iPhone and iPad: the desecrating art of Kim Dong-Kyu

The protagonists of the most famous paintings in the History of Art with an Apple product in their hands, or to represent the alienation of our age.

Gioachino Rossini, the Napoleon of music

From the opera buffa to melodrama, to good food, with the Barber of Seville Gioachino Rossini revolutionized the musical canons of his time: a portrait of the composer 150 years after his death.

The art on clean up by Ursus Wehrli

The images of the Swiss comic artist Ursus Wehrli: show the before and after of some objects of common use "cleaned up" by their disorder.

Graham, the car crash-proof man

Without neck, with big face but pirate-proof of the road: & egrave; Graham, the man designed at table to resist investments and collisions without too many problems. & Nbsp;

Grazia Deledda, the only Italian to win the Nobel Prize for literature

The story of Grazia Deledda, the most famous Sardinian writer in the world and the only Italian to win the Nobel Prize for literature in 1926

The first episode of the Simpsons, 30 years ago

Two years before the first episode of the Simpsons, the largest family; TV whale had appeared as an interlude during the Tracey Ullman Show.

Nikon Small World 2017: microworld images

Also this year the Nikon ' s Small World competition gives a visual journey into the microworld. Here are the strangest and most amazing shots of 2017.