Why do sloths move slowly? Hypothesis and curiosity

"Slow as a sloth," they say, but behind the slow-motion pace of these funny animals could be a precise anti-predator strategy.

An infamous marsupial: the Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii)

It looks more like this; a tender one & nbsp; that a creature & quot; diabolic & quot ;. Yet this Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) enjoys a reputation that is nothing short of left. Fault of his voice: a series of screams ...

10 things you (perhaps) don't know about octopuses

They have three hearts and blue blood, they disguise themselves as algae or coconuts and are incredibly shrewd (even if Aristotle believed them stupid). 10 curiosities that maybe you still miss on octopuses.

10 things you may not know about mosquitoes

What they love, what they hate, how many they are, what they are for ...

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011, the most beautiful photos

The most spectacular shots of animals in a competition dedicated to wild and unspoiled nature.

The most beautiful macaque photos

The extraordinary images of an Indonesian macaque who has photographed himself and other photos of macaques engaged in their daily activities.

10 things you (perhaps) still don't know about bats

Perch & eacute; crash into windows? Do they really stick to your hair? And where is the Bat-cave? Curiosities & agrave; little notes about some of the more creatures; loved by biologists and flight engineers.

10 things you didn't know about cetaceans

They sleep standing up, imitate our voice, cripple the songs and up to 200 years old: unusual curiosity about whales, sperm whales and belugas, mysterious giants with "human" traits. Look also at the most beautiful whale photos

10 things to know about chameleons

The chromatic changes to make oneself beautiful, the eyes "aliens & quot; and independent, the unpredictable life cycles. Curiosities & agrave; to tell friends about a reptile - photogenic - that never ceases to amaze.

10 giant animals of the past

The great dinosaurs are not the only extinct giants of the past. The prehistoric earth saw the giant ancestors of modern animals and monstrous creatures that left no heirs parading past. BBC Earth has selected the 10 most impressive: we present them again.

10 amazing proofs of animal intelligence

If you think of an intelligent animal, which one comes to mind? Set aside dolphins, elephants and primates for a moment: here are the pi & ugrave; unsuspected & quot; bucks & quot; of the animal world. And the tests they have passed.

10 scientific reasons plus one for living with a cat

Who already is fortunate to have one as a roommate can; testify, but now science also says: life with a cat offers unexpected advantages (and a lot of happiness). Read also: The test to understand what your cat says + 11 scientific reasons to live with a cat

100 years of evolution of dogs

In a series of photographic comparisons, here is how some dog breeds have changed in 100 years due to (or due to) man. And don't miss the new Focus Extra issue dedicated to dogs, cats and other pets.

Dogs and cats compared, who is the best? Here's what science says

Comparing dogs and cats: who is more skilled? More sensitive? More useful? Most popular? Here's what science says, based on the most recent studies and research.

11 things you may do, but that dogs don't like

In our relationship with Fido we are animated by the best feelings: but some gestures that seem more than acceptable to us, make our favorite quadruped uncomfortable. A small list of attitudes to be avoided. Can you recognize the language of dogs? A test to find out

Never seen before: the 10 new sea creatures found in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean

The discovery occurred during an expedition to the Census of Marine Life project. The new species could be a link between vertebrates and non-vertebrates.

Campbell's cercopithecus (Cercopithecus campbelli campbelli) adds suffixes to its vocalizations to communicate various dangers

It would be one of the most complex "proto-syntax" ever discovered in a non-human being. From the study new clues on the origin of our language.

12 Oscar dogs and cats

Among the many hairy actors who stole the show from the movie stars, we chose 12. Six unforgettable dogs and six cats: from Rin Tin Tin at Italian Shonik, from Cat at "Breakfast at Tiffany's" at Sfigatto at "Present me yours?". And don't miss out on the new Focus Extra dedicated to dogs, cats and other pets.

Underwater photos, the winning shots of the Underwater Photography Contest of the University of Miami

Underwater photos of fish and other marine animals awarded in the 039; Underwater Photography Contest of the 039; University of Miami ' s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.

Lemurs: the most beautiful photos (and curiosities)

All crazy for the lemurs, the curious primates with witty eyes and the ring tail

Guinness Book of Records: Here are the craziest records in the world

The most absurd records, the most curious primates, the craziest competitions gathered by the Guinness Book of Records in recent years.

The animal with the largest testicles ever? It's a cricket

The genital glands of the similar grillaster (Platycleis affinis) have a weight equal to 14% of its total tonnage.

The most beautiful pictures of the funniest amphibian there is: the frog

Wrinkled and camouflaged, poisonous and very colorful. Camouflages, legends, photos and curiosities about the funniest frogs in circulation

The most incredible photos of chases, hunts and brawls in the animal world

They spy on the moves of the adversary, they chase him to catch him or take away the loot, they face each other in tests of strength: here they are immortalized by the objective of the photographers.

The delicious manachino (Machaeropterus deliciosus), the bird that "sings" with its wings

Rubbing special knurled wings produces a high-pitched sound similar to that of a violin.

The superpowers of the most intelligent invertebrate of the seven seas: the octopus

He has almost "human" eyes, self-healing tentacles, innate acting skills and a skin capable of changing color to escape predators. The incredible adaptability of cephalopods.

15 fish (plus one!) With unexpected talents

They climb trees, make sand, sing love songs and draw unexpected weapons: the & nbsp; amazing talents of these aquatic creatures.

Mammal Photographer of the Year 2013, 15 incredible photos of mammals

From the seals that slap the weasel chasing the sparrows, the most irreverent shots awarded in the competition organized by the Mammal Society.

Extreme nature, the best photos of the GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010

The protagonists of the competition reserved for European photographers are the environment threatened by human intervention and its inhabitants.

Cyclops shark found in Mexico: it has one big eye in the middle of the head

The fetus found in the belly of a female caught in the Gulf of California is affected by a rare genetic anomaly.

The paradise of biodiversity: the animals never seen in the Foja Mountains, New Guinea

From the frog Pinocchio to the little gecko, passing through the dwarf wallaby and the giant rat. Directly from Papua New Guinea the first photos of rare and unknown species.

From the analysis of spores present in prehistoric manure new clues to mammoth extinction

"Exhumed" the prehistoric hunters of the Clovis population and the fall of a meteorite on Earth: the mammoths would have started to disappear a thousand years before, between 14800 and 13700 years ago.

All the most beautiful penguin photos

They make themselves beautiful, they fight with the scales, they try their hand at surfing and they are always ready to make groups. Don't miss the funniest photos of penguins.

The invention of the eye: how evolution has intervened in the process of development of the fundamental organ of sight

To move, hunt, escape enemies or find a partner. The most curious methods developed in the animal world to elaborate a visual information.

Jumping spiders steal food from the ants' mouth

No more cobwebs. Jumping spiders prefer to steal food from ants: less fatigue and fresher food.

Cyclops shark, here are the photos: Photoshop has nothing to do with it, it really exists

It has a single large potentially working eye located right in the middle of the forehead. Like the cyclops of myth. In his case, the strange anomaly probably derives from a mutation or malfunction of a gene that regulates eye formation. The impressive images of the shark fetus found in the belly of a female caught in Mexico. To learn more, read the news of the discovery

Insects in the foreground: the incredible photos of Frans Vandemaele

With a sophisticated laser equipment the Belgian engineer realizes ultra-detailed shots of the insects buzzing in his garden.

The squid suckling pig (Helicocranchia pfefferi)

Particular colored pigments give it this expression

Face to face with the craziest insects on the planet

Naser-like weevils, spiked grasshoppers, horned cockroaches, macistine ants and mantis disguised as a leaf.

Wild nature, the best photos of the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009 competition

Unspoiled nature and wild animals for the annual competition organized by the Natural History Museum in London and the BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Lenses like bears but resistant like superheroes: the tardigrades

What do a large brown bear and this microscopic invertebrate have in common?

Bad news runs fast in the crows

If a specimen is disturbed, in short the whole flock surrounds the enemy croaking.

Wild nature, the 5 most beautiful photos of the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010

Award-winning shots from the prestigious photo competition organized by the Natural History Museum in London and the BBC Wildlife Magazine.

The fish that lives on the branches and reproduces by itself

Kryptolebias marmoratus survives drought by burrowing into mangroves and breathing through the skin. And when it comes to reproducing, it does everything by itself.

20 animal ploys to survive in the desert

The most astute evolutionary devices developed by the fauna that inhabits the most inhospitable places in the world: this is how desert animals do to survive sultriness, thirst, hunger and predators.

The queens of the seas are in danger: the most impressive photos of whales, of their massacre and of those who defend them

In the year 039 for the defense of biodiversity all the most spectacular photos of cetaceans and protests in their defense.

The most beautiful photos of cats

White, black, solitary, wild cats. The most beautiful photos of cats selected by Focus. And a thousand curiosities about domestic cats.

Lily is blind, Maddison the guide: the moving friendship between two English Great Dane females

Guests of a kennel, they are looking for a new master who can adopt them as a couple.

7 new species of mini-frogs discovered in Brazil

In the tropical Brazilian forest some specimens of small colorful frogs have been found. And there may still be new ones.

Audubon Photography Awards, the most beautiful photos of birds

Birds that fight, steal food and try delicate balancing games: if you think that ornithology is a science for a few enthusiasts, take a look at these shots that tell the infinite variety & agrave; of life in the air.

7 clichés about cats

There are so many clichés about our cat friends. For example, they are said to be picky and spiteful animals. Or that it is useless to talk to them. True or false?

6 straight to educate the cat

Are you sure you really know everything to make your cat grow better? Here are the tips of the experts drawn from the new Focus Cani & Gatti Guide.

8 things you (perhaps) don't know about sacred cows in India

Perch & eacute; are cows considered sacred in India? What do politicians think? & Egrave; true that in a while & rsquo; we may not see them anymore; On the road?

Hunting for killer whales with the drone

A Canadian research team has used a drone for the first time to monitor the herds of orcas. Here's what they discovered.

What are horseshoes for?

They put on horses, donkeys, mules and sometimes even oxen, but what is their function?

Discovering the thoughts of dogs with functional MRI

Thanks to the fMRI identified the area that responds to stimuli indicating reward.

7 unsuspected animal killers

They are cute, photogenic, lazy, smiling and ... very, very quick-tempered. Face to face with the "dark" side of some adorable representatives of the animal kingdom, of which you would never have said anything bad. The most sensational "historical lies" on animals

7 canine behaviors at the limit of the human

No other animal & egrave; equally well versed in the subject "man": here are some behaviors in which Fido and his bipedal friends resemble each other beyond all expectations.

8 very small but lethal animals

In the small animal world it does not rhyme with harmless. Many of the more fearsome land creatures are small, and often attack unseen. Here are 8 small meetings that you might prefer not to do.

The dangerous climb of a hungry polar bear

To get some eggs he ventured on the cliff in the middle of a bird colony. A risky behavior dictated by the progressive decrease in ice.

Cheetah and greyhound: this is why they are so fast

The secrets of the cheetah and greyhound race, the two fastest animals on the planet.

Madagascar endangered fish seeks a wife: the announcement of the London Zoo

The Ptychochromis Mangarahara is likely to disappear if it does not soon generate an offspring: but in institutional aquariums there are only three males in old age.

Do we still need zoos?

Zoological gardens, bioparks, zoos ... the names are different, the substance the same: places to keep animals that - in nature - would have other lifestyles. Do they still make sense? The word is yours

The impossible embrace between a beluga and a sea lion

Perch & eacute; the photo that you may have seen circulating on social media & egrave; too romantic to be true.

"Faceless" fish reappeared

His first sighting dates back to 1873. Then & egrave; disappeared for 144 years. Until a few days ago, when & egrave; been fished off the coast of Australia.

Two wheels and a flock

Abayed, the shepherd dog paralyzed by a shot in the back, thanks to a trolley on two wheels, he started walking again and chasing the sheep in the Jordanian pastures.

A death embrace of 45 million years ago

Two insects preserved in a drop of resin: an ant and its parasite, a mite, which appears to have behaviors similar to its descendants.

Face to face with the monk seal

& Egrave; among the animals more beautiful of the Mediterranean. But also among the most rare and in danger. Observe it & egrave; very difficult, but just as beautiful. Here is the monk seal in all its glory.

Lake Nakuru, Kenya: a hyena launches itself in pursuit of a flamingo

The reputation of carrion eaters precedes them. But when they have the opportunity & amp; agrave; hyenas (fam. Hyaenidae) certainly do not disdain a fresh meal. The one in the photo, for example, had to ...

Animal paws: differences and curiosity in the most beautiful photos

Discovering the most curious legs of nature, from geki to elephants, from flies to sloths.

Most funny, funny, strange and colorful fish of the sea

Fish, crustaceans, seahorses, octopus and invertebrates: the most curious, funny and colorful marine animals

The parasite that threatens Italian bees

L ' Aethina tumida, a beetle that feeds on everything there is; which it finds in the beehive, is putting at risk the national and European bee-keeping heritage. How to stop it?

To the orangutans the breastfeeding record

They can continue to feed the & quot; small & quot; even for 9 years, supporting them when fruit is scarce. & Egrave; the pi & ugrave; long weaning observed in mammals.

10 habits of cats, explained by science

Behind apparently more bizarre feline behaviors important evolutionary legacies resist: the legacy of a life spent hunting, hiding and controlling the territory. Do you know what your cat says? Test yourself with a test

Garlic against snails

To fight the enemies of the salad, an old remedy: garlic.

30 monstrous and funny animals (never seen before)

The fantastic bestiary: guess the animal, including muccardi and anatricci, corvilli and rospoleonti. Tip: the less you know about biology, the better & egrave ;.

The wolf arrives, the frightened sheep launches the alarm to the shepherd with a text message

A new collar under study in Switzerland will monitor the heartbeat of sheep warning farmers if animals are under stress.

To an Italian photographer the Fritz Pölking Prize 2015

L ' Italian & nbsp; Bruno D ' Amicis si & egrave; awarded the prestigious recognition of naturalistic photography for his service on the fennec or "desert sprite", one of the most important animals; shy of the Sahara.

Bad breath can save lives. At least in the caterpillars

If for many it is a problem, when it comes to approaching someone, for others it is a heavy blessing. As in the case of the tobacco sphinx.

Alaska: where walruses are beached

Thousands of walruses have been spotted on the beaches of western Alaska: abnormal behavior caused by the melting of ice and putting the entire species at risk. & Nbsp;

The American swallows have developed shorter wings to avoid car accidents

The evolution has lightened the birds that live in the busy areas to allow faster take-offs and landings and to avoid clashes with the cars.