iWatch in the pipeline: Apple registers the brand in Japan

Apple iWatch is coming: iOS, curved screen and many apps. And among today's news, say goodbye to Google Reader and 12 Yahoo! programs, but also the breathtaking view from the tallest skyscraper in the world

Here is the Bug Hotel, the hotel for insects

A plywood box designed by ARUP architects will house bees, dragonflies, kites and moths. Prototypes in London parks.

The five-star space hotel from Orbital Technologies

A hundred kilometers from the ISS, it will host billionaire tourists, scientists and astronauts from private companies.

Welcome to Masdar City, the green city

With an environmental impact of zero it will exploit the energy produced by the exploitation of sun and wind for its needs. Visit it in preview!

In Singapore, a marvel of architecture

A swimming pool suspended on three skyscrapers. Shops with a waterway ... The new Singapore casino beats every record.

Goodbye Oscar Niemeyer

The Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer died

Sacred cemetery art: a gallery of images

In this period of the year we have more opportunities to closely observe places that often preserve precious architectures and unexpected views ... Even someone talks about cemetery tourism.

The most incredible ghost cities in the world

The most fascinating ghost cities in the world

What can you find today on top of skyscrapers?

Swimming pools, bunjee jumping and art works. The roofs of the craziest skyscrapers in the world.

The best projects of the eVolo skyscraper competition 2011 competition

Lunar metropolises, rotating greenhouses, hotel-sunflowers, vertical playgrounds and platforms that pump clean water. The new frontiers of eco-sustainable architecture.

Gae Aulenti on Google with his lamp

Gae Aulenti, who would have turned 86 today, is one of the most famous and prestigious Italian architects. Today Google celebrates it with a doodle.

3D cinema meets architecture

The new 3D film "The cathedrals of culture" by Wim Wenders introduces the third dimension in the documentary genre. Six directors, six courts, six extraordinary buildings from all over the world.

The hidden corridor

8 years of studies and a 3D reconstruction to understand com ' & egrave; the pyramid of Keope was built: a mystery of architecture and archeology that has survived for 4,500 years.

Welcome home

Sar & agrave; trivial, but ... country you go, home you find! Shapes, colors and materials tell the culture and habits of the peoples who live there, who sometimes are just bizarre: here are the most beautiful houses; strange of the world.

Fuorisalone, Milan is the scene of design

The week dedicated to art, furnishings and industrial design in the Lombard capital is underway. The best open-air installations to see.

The London Underground is 150 years old: the photos

It was inaugurated on 10 January 1863 and is still one of the most efficient and fascinating means of transport in the world. History, anecdotes, numbers and curiosities about this underground reality.

The ABC of architects and architecture

The animated list and in alphabetical order of the main world architects told with their masterpieces.

eVolo 2010 Skyscraper competition: the 10 most beautiful projects of the skyscrapers of the future

From the prison suspended to the "street cleaner" skyscraper, from the fresh water factory to the do-it-yourself building, the most imaginative ideas about the homes that will come.

The strangest buildings in the world

Homes in the shape of toilets, baskets, pianos: all the strangest buildings in the world are here

The hotel ping pong

A hotel in the shape of a ping pong racket and 4 stadiums in the shape of balloons: it is the curious project of a new Olympic park that is rising in China.

From city to city: the best photos of readers

The most beautiful photos from the community chosen by the editors with the comments of the authors. Find out if it is also yours and if it was published in Focus 255.

The future of Eero Saarinen

Here's how the future imagined Eero Saarinen, one of the most visionary American post-war architects.

Ecological houses - Solar Decathlon Europe 2012

The projects of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012.

Journey through time: look at the birth of the reconstructed Eiffel Tower in 3D

An animation based on sources from the archive, French drawings and maps revives the first stages of building the symbol of Paris.

Metropolis II, the miniature megalopolis by Chris Burden

Cars left at speed records, 6-lane roads and all the stress of a modern megalopolis: a surprising sculpture in motion.

China: house in the middle of the street

Luo Baogen and his wife refused permission to demolish their home to build a street in & nbsp; Wenling, Zhejiang Province, China, claiming that the reimbursement and the new house offered by the government were not enough. Strangely, the Chinese province government built the same road, dismantling nearby houses and leaving this island in the middle of a river of asphalt.

The megayacht in the form of the Principality of Monaco

It is the most mega of megayachts and is destined for VIPs among VIPs. Big enough to run around in the car, he is looking for a billionaire to finance the construction

The images of the Kingdom Tower of Jeddah

The breathtaking images of Kingdom Tower, a kilometer-high skyscraper under construction in Jeddah. Only for those who do not suffer from vertigo

The largest pool in the world

To swim in this pool, you need lungs of steel, Olympic resistance and, above all, a few hours at your disposal. It ' impossible, in fact, & nbsp; to make a tank without some ...

The history of the Gotthard Tunnel

The construction of the railway tunnel pi & ugrave; long of the world & egrave; an example of democracy, technological innovation and environmental protection.

The hotel with zero impact of the future

Who will save us from rising water and global warming? Here is Ark, the zero-impact project by Alexander Remizov

Nine ideas for nuclear, wind, geothermal

Sails that exploit high winds, "clean" nuclear power plants, plants to exploit underground heat: 9 ideas for the future.

The ark of the future: a city floating in stars

A team of architects designs NOAH. a floating city, ecological self-sufficient and equipped with every comfort, which can shelter 40000 people in the event of a cataclysm

The vagina-shaped stage

At Wakrah Stadium it has the shape of a vagina according to many. It is still under construction.

The ant houses in Hong Kong: the hypnotic and claustrophobic photos of Michael Wolf

A photographic reportage of the tiny apartments "in series" in which most of the inhabitants of Hong Kong, one of the most overpopulated cities in the world, is forced to live.

The most luxurious boat in the world

A 155-meter yacht that houses a glimpse of the Principality of Monaco, casino and Formula 1 circuit included.

The strangest and most extravagant houses

Perched on a rock in the middle of the river or perched in the branches of the trees, transportable on the shoulders or rotating like a sunflower: the strangest houses in the world.

The floating city of the future

A team of American architects and designers revisits the concept of Noah's Ark and designs a floating city, ecological self-sufficient and equipped with every comfort, for over 40,000 people

The house that turns from Graham Hill

Living room, dining room, TV room, two bedrooms, study, kitchen and bathroom: thanks to sliding walls and concealed furniture they can coexist in 37 square meters.

Architecture and design - The craziest houses in the world

We have found for you the most daring architectures around the world. Have a look at the photos of the funniest buildings around ...

Kingdom Tower: the tallest skyscraper in the world

One kilometer high, Kingdom Tower will be l ' building pi & ugrave; high in the world. Secrets and curiosities of this modern Tower of Babel.

The 2050 plane: transparent and multimedia

Airbus presented the aircraft with which we will fly in 2050: transparent, multimedia and extraordinarily comfortable

Palaces with skin

Focus 179 proposes a splendid review of images of buildings symbolic of grandeur, the choice of materials, the architectural solutions, the attention to the environment.

New York view from the top of its skyscrapers

The palaces of the Big Apple offer a privileged view to observe what is happening in the city. The photographer Navid Baraty climbed us to photograph his metropolis from 039;

New York and its invisible skyscrapers: the photos of Peter Wegner

Buildings Made Of Sky is the photographic series by Peter Wegner that immortalizes the space between the most famous buildings in New York: it is also in the shape of a skyscraper.

Eat insects to save the planet

Introducing ants, grasshoppers, butterflies and crickets in the feeding would seriously contribute to reducing the greenhouse gases deriving from the breeding of cattle.

The house that grows from trees in 80 years

An original bio-architecture project was recently launched at the Milan Polytechnic: a plant building that is not built but ... grows. It will be ready in eighty years.

Gae Aulenti, Google remembers the birth of the Italian architect and designer with a doodle

Gae Aulenti is celebrated by Google with a doodle lit by the Pipistrello lamp.

The most colorful cities in the world

Do you think that city is synonymous with gray, smog and melancholy? Feast your eyes on the photos of the most lively and cheerful places on the planet.

The most original bridges

Suspended, cable-stayed or spiral, of wood, stone or concrete. Discover in this photogallery the largest, original or technological or heart attack bridges in the world.

The best photos of the competition: My city

Among the more than 1900 photos that participated in the "My city" competition, we selected the most beautiful, curious and fun.

Shanghai seen from the top of a crane: the aerial photos of Wei Gensheng

Wei Gensheng, a crane operator, immortalized Shanghai and its skyscrapers from the top of the Shanghai Tower, a record-breaking tower.

The city at 360 °: 12 panoramic views that leave you breathless

Aerial views with breathtaking views of the most beautiful cities and tourist destinations in the world: the AirPano project and its 3D tours.

Nightvision: the most representative European monuments photographed at night

A video-collage of the night photos of the most iconic works of art d ' Europe: the project of the French photographer Luke Shepard.

A subway made to art

One million passengers scattered throughout its 105 stations, covering a distance of 149 kilometers: & egrave; the Stockholm metro (& quot; tunnelbana & quot;), in Sweden

Touch the sky with a building

Synonymous with modernity & agrave; and wealth, the skyscraper & egrave; born in the United States. Today the dispute is & egrave; enlarged also to Asia, where more and more buildings rise; high, modern symbols of the prestige of new economic powers, such as China.

Street art - The miniature cities of Evol

Telephone exchanges, vases, concrete blocks come to life and become cities; in miniature thanks to a German artist who paints them & ldquo; building & rdquo; a city in the city & agrave ;. All photos: & copy; Evol

Airpnp, the app for tourists looking for a bathroom

Launched in New Orleans on the occasion of Mardi Gras, Airpnp is an app that allows individuals to rent a bathroom at home. For the benefit of tourists.

Sochi and the other winter Olympic cities seen from Space

The Olympic Games in Sochi and beyond, according to NASA: Vancouver, Turin, Salt Lake City and other guest cities observed from above.

Geometric visions

Symmetrical shots, straight lines, curves, squares or perfectly rectangular, vanishing points, are the & quot; perspectives & quot; of our readers.

The strangest roofs in the world

The strangest and funny photos on the roofs: from the artistic ones to the strange ones

BIA - The new digital colleague

One of the largest banks in Brazil uses Watson to handle customer information requests and to cancel the call center call expectations.

E-mail and international relations: these are the countries with which we write more

According to a research, the exchange of emails between the inhabitants of different countries depends not only on their commercial and political relations, but also on cultural similarities.

Noisli, the background noise generator to regain concentration at work

How works, the site that combines the benefits of natural background noise with chromotherapy. A chat with its creator, the Italian designer Stefano Merlo.

How a social network dies

From Friendster to MySpace, to Digg: what drives us to abandon a social network, decreeing its decline? The response of a group of Swiss researchers

How would Battlefield 5 be with Google Glasses? -

The news of Google glasses stimulated the imagination of many. Including those of a gamer, he thought to see what a hypothetical shooter with augmented reality would look like.

Forgetting the past is a right

If you wish, according to the European Court of Justice it can be said; ask Google to delete our past "companies". & Egrave; really a victory for privacy?

Is it illegal to use Facebook in the office in the United States?

An employee caught checking Facebook, or other social networks, in the United States could be charged with violating the 1986 Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

Smartphones and tablets always on in flight in Europe too

Even the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), after the US one, is about to approve the use of the devices in all phases of the flight. New rules by the end of November.

The Google house: hyperconnected and without home automation (for now)

Here's how life works in a home entirely run by Google apps

The strangest hotels in the world

They can be under the surface of the sea or hanging from trees, in an Indian tent or in snow, inside transparent bubbles or in an airplane cabin: these are the strangest hotels in the world.

Amarcord: the "historical" jingles of Windows startup

Windows 95 is 20 years old. For the occasion we have rediscovered from YouTube the most famous startup sounds of the various versions of the Windows operating system.

Facebook closes 2012 with a record quarter: earnings of € 1.5 billion

Last quarter to scream for Facebook. Collections at 1.5 billion, stable monthly active users over one billion and for the first time mobile users (680 Mil.) Exceed those PC (618 Mil.).

Facebook and Graph Search: how does the new search engine work?

Everyone expected a smartphone and instead a search engine arrives. Facebook displaces everyone and in yesterday's press event at Menlo Park presents Graph Search, a social search engine.

Facebook: the reasons for friendship and social breakup

Do you find yourself more and more often asking yourself why someone has suddenly eliminated you from his list of friends? Motivation is simpler than what you think ...

The works of the most famous architects

They transform architecture into art: they are the archistars, the most famous architects in the world.